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What is the difference between redwood and knotty pine?
 The most obvious difference is the color. Knotty pine can be white or yellow, and typically has visible knots throughout, as the name implies. Redwood can be anywhere from a light to deep red color, and sometimes has yellow edges. Knots are common but less so than pine. Other than the color, the biggest difference between the two is longevity. Redwood is typically going to last much longer than pine. That being said, pine signs will look great and last years indoors, and with proper care, can last outdoors for years as well. But direct sunlight and exposure to moisture will quickly age the appearance of the sign and, over time, the strength as well. Redwood, on the other hand, can last outdoors for many years, even decades. The natural oils in redwood make it resistant to pests like termites, and protect it from damaging sun rays and inclement weather.

What is the difference between interior and exterior finish?
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How long does it take for a sign to be made and shipped after I place my order?
  Once an order is received, the sign is usually made within 3-4 business days. Signs ship USPS Priority Mail, 1-3 day. You will receive a tracking number and notifications when your sign is shipped, out for delivery, and delivered.

Do you have a physical location?
  Yes. We are located inside Knott’s Berry Farm, 8036 Beach Blvd… Please visit for park hours, tickets or to request a Shopper’s Pass.

Can I order online and pick up my sign in person?
  Yes, during Knott’s Berry Farms normal hours of operation. Select, Pick Up, at checkout. Visit for tickets, park hours or to request a Shopper’s Pass.

What is the difference between Live Edge redwood and Classic redwood?
  Classic redwood signs are made on 3/4 inch planed edge redwood boards. Live edge redwood signs are made on 2 inch slabs and still contain the natural tree’s edge. Sometimes they still have bark, otherwise they show the tree’s golden edge.

Can I put my sign outdoors?
  Yes, when treated with exterior finish. Redwood will typically last longer outdoors than knotty pine.

How do I maintain my sign?
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How do I hang or mount my sign?
  We provide hardware to hang your sign, and you can choose for us to install it for you. To mount your sign, you can drill holes through the notches in the carved letters before attaching your sign (this will hide your hardware from view). Pre-drill the holes to prevent the sign from cracking. We do not provide the hardware for mounting a sign