Commercial Wood Signs

Classic Style

Raised Letter Style

There are two carving styles available on our commercial signs, Classic and Raised Letter. The Classic Style engraves the letters and design into the wood. The Raised Letter Style engraves the background around the letters and design, leaving them raised.

What makes a sign commercial?

Really, it's about the size and use. Our commercial signs are made on 2X redwood, an ideal material for signs dealing with complete exposure, whether that be on an auning, marquie or wall of your building. Redwood handles the elements better than most soft woods, and carves cleanly so you can get finer details. These signs can be made to almost any dimensions. They will stand out, catch your customers' attention, and focus peoples' eyes on your business or organization. Your logos can be given new life with the Calico Carver touch; 3D carving, hand-made, high-quality and professional craftsmanship, our commercial signs create a warm and inviting space. Impress your customers. If you have your own business, or began an organization, or love the space you have created or are a part of, whether it be to serve, provide, entertain or otherwise, that love will come through in a Calico Wood Commercial Sign!

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