Calico Wood Signs - Wood Sign Baseball
Calico Wood Signs - Wood Sign Baseball

Wood Sign Baseball

Show the world your love of the game with this unique, rustic baseball decor. This sports sign features the shape of blue baseball cap with the letters L and A hand carved in the cap.

Personalize Your Calico Wood Sign!

 First select from these options:

Wood Type: Choose between knotty pine and redwood. What’s the difference between pine and redwood?

Edge Style: Choose Western, Scallop, Rustic or Cove. There is no price difference between border styles.

Finish: Choose Interior or Exterior.   What’s the difference between Interior and Exterior Finish?

Size: Select your size from the drop down menu.  Sizes are approximate and in inches. 

Once you have selected your desired options, you will see the price change accordingly.  Toggle between Wood Type, Size, and Finish options to see all price variations for this sign.

Now type what you want your sign to read in the Sign is to Read box or boxes. Double check for accuracy. We will carve exactly what is written here. Don't worry if you have more or less letters than the sample. We will adjust the layout of the sign to look the best no matter what it reads.

When you're happy with your selections, click, Add to Cart. Congratulations, you have just ordered a personalized Calico Wood Sign!

Not custom enough?  Contact us with your ideas for a completely custom sign.