9 Great Uses for Custom Wood Signs

9 Great Uses for Custom Wood Signs

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  Everyone loves Custom Wood Signs. When giving a gift, 85% of people searching for a gift item to give heavily favor personalization as a factor in their final choice. 

A personalized gift shows the individuality of the gift recipient, but most importantly, it shows that the gift giver put extra thought into it to create something that can't just be bought off any store shelf.

That's where custom wood signs come in as a great gift idea. Custom wood signs are not only great for decorative pieces around your home or office, but they also make unique gifts.

If you are interested in discovering more about the uses for custom wood signs, keep reading for more information. 

1. Custom Wood Signs Are Inspirational

Each day you or your custom wood sign gift recipient looks at their sign, they can be uplifted. By using a favorite song lyric, inspirational saying, or mantra, your sign can remind those around you to see each day as a great new opportunity. Some examples could include:

  • Rise and Shine!
  • Seize the Day
  • Girl Boss
  • You Glow, Girl
  • Today's Your Day
  • You've Got This!

Try it out on one of our Sayings Wood Signs. Available in small (3.5" x 16-24") to XXXLarge (12"x 48") sizes. Stay with the classic sun silhouette design or choose from other designs like roses, crosses, 3 and 4 leaf clovers, and a peace dove. There are also Beach and Bar images like palm trees, flowers, shot glasses, and more. With classic routed edge or live edge and 4 different fonts to pick from.

Sayings Wood SIgns | Calico Wood Signs

2. Custom Wood Signs Commemorate Milestones

Graduation season will be here before you know it. For the graduate in your life, a custom wood sign is a great keepsake they can hold onto for years to commemorate the occasion. It's also perfect to use for photoshoots before or on graduation day.

This Graduation Sign has three lines to customize with the name of the graduate, a sentiment or school name, and the year. They feature a hand-carved graduation cap design. In two sizes, short (11"x 16") and long (11"x 24") with 4 different font choices.

Graduation Sign

3. Custom Wood Signs Celebrate Love

For the special relationship in your life, a custom wood sign is the perfect way to show your love. Couples often carve their names into a tree as a sign of everlasting love; a handmade wood sign is just like that, only you can hang it up on the wall for everyone to see.

Custom-made wood signs are also great wedding gifts to celebrate the newly married couple with their last name on the wood sign. This Mr. and Mrs. Double Heart wood sign has 3 lines of personalization for the standard "Mr. and Mrs." or their first names, the last name, and the date of the wedding within a double heart wood sign beside a carved red heart.

4 different fonts to choose from. Small (7" x 12") and large (10"x 20") sizes.

Mr and Mrs Wood Sign Double Heart

4. Custom Wood Signs Help Identify Your Home

When friends and relatives come to visit, you'll want to make sure your house number is easily displayed where they can see it. This floral handmade wood sign will show off your house number beautifully. Available in small (3.5" x 16-24") up to XXXLarge (12"x 48") with four fonts to choose from. 

5. Custom Wood Signs Label Your Personal Space

Whether it's a garden or a home office, custom-made wood signs will make it known to others. Customize 2 lines with a name and a notification in 4 font styles. A beautiful purple hibiscus flower complements this wood flower garden sign. Small (3.5"x 16-24") to XXXLarge (12"x 48") sizes available. 

Wood Flower Garden Sign | Calico Wood SIgns

6. Custom Wood Signs Make Great Housewarming Gifts

Welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood or congratulate a friend who just got their own place with a handmade wood sign. There are many styles and types of wood signs, but a custom wood sign made out of durable redwood means it will stay beautiful and last for a long time. 

This redwood carved wood sign has 4 lines for a customized name and message, accompanied by two hibiscus flowers. Choose from 4 different font styles and 5 sizes from Medium (6"x 24") to XXXLarge (12"x 48").

7. Custom Wood Signs for Pet Lovers

For you or someone you know that loves their pets as a member of the family, a custom wood sign is the right way to go. This wood animal lovers sign comes with two cats on either side of the custom wording in the center and a small butterfly. 

You can also upload your own image to be carved into this handmade wood sign. Choose from Routed Edge or Live Edge and 4 different edge styles: Rustic, Western, Scallop, or Cove. Go with traditional Matte finish or Glossy (+$10.00 extra) on sizes from Small (3"x 16-24") to XXXLarge (12"x 48"). 

8. Custom Wood Signs for Sports Lovers

A bright orange basketball complements this wood sign for sports enthusiasts. Whether you play the game or just enjoy watching it, this sign with 2 lines of customization for a name and any other information in 4 different font styles. Sizes start with Small (3.5"x 16-24") and go all the way up to XXXLarge (12"x 48").

Not just for kids, these signs are terrific for people of all ages looking for something custom. Put it on the door or the wall leading into the mancave in the house. Everyone will know where the best place to watch the game is.

9. Custom Wood Signs for Farmhouse Décor

This wood farmhouse sign looks great for your farmhouse or farmhouse-inspired home decor. Put your family's name and the year it was established in 4 font styles. In small (3.5"x 16-24") to XXXLarge (12"x 48") sizes.

This carved piece on a rustic live edge piece of reclaimed redwood gives it a rich color. With palm trees and mountainscape carved details.

Quality Custom Wood Signs in Southern California 

Custom wood signs have a multitude of uses, from advertising a business to giving a unique custom gift. Custom-made wooden signs are beautiful and made to last.

At Calico Wood Signs, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and quality custom wood signs. We've been making custom signs for over 20 years in the heart of Southern California inside Knott's Berry Farm at our Calico Carver storefront.

Pick your sign up at Knott's Berry Farm or have it shipped. Each sign is hand-carved to your specifications, so no two signs are ever alike.

Contact Calico Wood Signs for a custom wood sign today.

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