Calico Wood Sign Shop Located in Knotts Berry Farm

How long does it take for a sign to be made and shipped after I place an order?

Once an order is received, the sign is usually made within 3-5 business days.Signs ship USPS Priority Mail, 1-3 day. You will receive a tracking number and notifications when your sign is shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. Sign ordered during the holiday season (Nov-Dec) typically will take extra time to ship. Keep this in mind and order holiday presents early!

Not sure what to put on your sign.

 Keep it simpleDon’t over complicate things. The best looking signs are often the simplest. The most important thing is the text, what your sign will read. After you’ve figured that out, consider your artwork. Keep in mind, the more lettering, the less room for artwork, and vice versa.Trust your gut

Too many options?Consider this message from someone who has been making personalized signs for decades. Go with your instincts. If you like something right away, you will likely enjoy it for a long time. If you are on the fence about something, especially when it comes to adding artwork or secondary text, leave it out. It is more than likely unnecessary and may overcrowd your sign, or distract from more important text and artwork. This is especially important if you are ordering a sign as a gift.

Trust your carver We’ve been making signs for a long time. We want your sign to be personal; that’s what makes a Calico Wood Sign so special! But we also know that each sign has limits. We’ve all experienced having eyes bigger than our stomachs. Well ordering a custom sign can be that way sometimes, and there is a temptation to try to add too much. This almost never works out. Focus on what’s important and necessary for your sign, and leave the rest to us.

Do you have a physical location? Can I visit your shop?

Calico Wood Signs is located inside:

Knott’s Berry Farm
8039 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA.

Please visit knotts.com to plan your visit.

Do wood signs require maintenance?


Once or twice a year

To weather resistant your wood sign yourself we recommend using Helmsman© brand (or your favorite) Spar or Poly Urethane aerosol spray can. Apply 3 good coats front and back, allowing at least 2 hours to dry between coats, following the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat every 6 months or as needed for long-lasting shine and protection.

1) Clean your sign and let it fully dry before applying any new finish. Wipe with wet rag and let dry. Lightly sand the surface with fine 220 grit sandpaper, by hand, going with the grain, until smooth. Wipe clean with a dry rag.

2) Spray the back and the edges of the wood sign on the first day. Let dry 24 hours then repeat the process on the front of the wood sign.

3) One last thing you can almost never spray too much on the side edges of the wood sign. This is where the sign was cut to length and where it is most vulnerable. So please feel free to over do it in this area.We hope you found this short article helpful. If you need further assistance for anything at all, we would be glad to help. 

Can I order online and pick up at Knotts Berry Farm


You can pick up your purchase, but you are responsible for getting into Knott's Berry Farm.

While we wish we could, we can not deliver signs to the front of the park and do not validate parking or reimburse ticket purchases.

 Quick Tip:
Inquire at
for a Shopper's Pass to get a 45 minute window into the park.

Do I have to purchase a ticket to Knott's Theme Park to visit your shop?


If you are planning a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm, be sure to stop by and visit the Calico Carver Shop ( AKA "Calico Wood Signs" )

Signs ordered in person are made and picked-up the same day. To visit our shop in person, you have two options. You can purchase Knott’s general admission, allowing you access to the entire park, or you can request a Shopper’s Pass, which will allow you to visit our shop for
FREE for a 45 minute window,
for shopping purposes only. Shopper’s Pass requires a credit card down payment. Visitknotts.comfor more information.

Where can I park?

If you plan to visit our shop with a Shopper’s Pass,The Shopping and Dining Lot by the California Marketplace offers complimentary parking for up to 1 hour. ... An additional 2 hours of free parking is available with a validated ticket and receipt showing a $19 or more minimum purchase from any California Marketplace restaurant or shop.

Customer Tip:
The entrance is immediately after TGIF's on the Left

Is there a guarantee?

We hope you love your sign as much as we love making them! We are very passionate about what we do and work hard to make the best hand-carved signs you can find. If your order arrives defective or damaged, if we made an error, or if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the craftsmanship, please let us know within 7 days of receiving your order, and we will do whatever we can to make it right! We take great pride in our craftsmanship.

Our work is 100% carved freehand, so no two signs will look exactly alike. Everyone has unique handwriting; the same goes for our hand-carving. Slight variations in lettering and artwork style will vary by carver.

Wood is a natural product that contains variations in color and grain and often contains knots, cracks and blemishes. These are to be expected in any wooden product, including our signs. We will check for large cracks that compromise the structural integrity of your sign before carving it. Our wood signs commonly have small cracks that do not effect the strength of the sign, knots and blemishes, as well as variations in color and grain from sample products, that add to their rustic look.

Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for claims received after 7 days of the delivery date of your order, but we will correct any errors on our part or remake unsatisfactory work for claims made within 30 days.