An Ode to the Ocean – New Collection of Wooden Beach Signs

An Ode to the Ocean – New Collection of Wooden Beach Signs

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Nothing looks better than a custom-made wooden beach sign welcoming you to your beach home! For our new beach signs collection, we have introduced a new line of 13 designs that feature coastal and nautical elements such as the bright sun, waves, tropical flowers, palm trees, pirates, and much more!

Handcrafted Wooden Beach Signs

1.     Beach Sign with Beach Images

The bright white of the wooden sign looks fantastic with dark lettering and the feature carving of the sun with a palm tree. This coastal piece can help you bring a piece of the ocean to your home.

beach sign with beach images

2.     Wooden Welcome Porch Sign Including Wet Feet

This wet feet wooden welcome sign can serve as a reminder to your guests to clean their feet as they come in to enjoy at your beach bar. The décor piece is also perfect for your home as it offers a rustic charm with the uneven ends of the sign.

wooden welcome porch sign including wet feet

3.     Wood Sign Ideas Featuring a Sun Silhouette and Quotes

This sign has an attractive old-school look that makes it perfect for placing your favorite inspirational quote on. This uniquely carved sun will remind you of new changes and possibilities and keep you enthusiastic for the future.

Wood sign ideas featuring a sun silhouette

4.     Pirate Sign with Skull and Flag

This pirate sign will inspire your kids as they imagine themselves dueling with swords in the ocean and discovering the hidden bounty! It’s a beautifully detailed sign made from quality wood that will last you for years.

5.     Beach Signs with Palm Tree Silhouette

This beautiful sign has a palm tree that will remind you of the beach at sunset when the leaves are slowly swaying away. You can notice the attention to detail and the expert craftsmanship while observing the silhouette.

6.     Beach House Signs with Palm Tree

This beach house silhouette is a classic element of décor found in tiki bars and beach shacks. This high-quality handmade sign with a vividly colored setting sun will be the perfect accent piece for your beach home.

7.     Venice Beach Sign with Palm Tree Silhouette

The classic setting sun with the palm tree silhouette carved onto thick premium wood is a must-have for beach enthusiasts in their rooms.

venice beach sign with palm tree silhouette

8.     Custom Beach House Signs with Palm Tree

One of the larger and more fun designs in the collection, this customizable wooden sign has a modern structure that will remind you to chill and go with the flow.

9.     Wooden Beach Sign with Palm Silhouettes

A unique antique sign featuring the waves and the mountains, this piece will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature!

10.  Hibiscus Flowered Personalized Garden Signs

This one-of-a-kind tropical design makes for the perfect welcome or yard sign. Carved on original redwood, this sign is built to last and look gorgeous for years.

 purple hibiscus flower garden signs

11.  Purple Hibiscus Flower Garden Signs

This small yet intricately detailed design with a vivid purple flower will make you reminisce about the warm shining sun on the beach.

12.  Wooden House Number Signs with Flowers

Show off your love for the summer and everything tropical with a high-quality house number sign that adds a touch of personality.wooden house number signs with flowers

13.  Palm Tree Sign with Sunset

With a beautifully hand-carved and hand-painted design, this sign can be perfect for a beach-themed restaurant or a gift for someone who loves the waves.

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