How to Install a New Wood Sign

How to Install a New Wood Sign

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After months of dreaming, you've finally gotten your hands on a masterfully crafted wood sign from Calico Carvers — but even the highest-quality wooden signs in all of Southern California are just slabs of wood until you hang them up!

What are you waiting for?

Even if you're hopeless with a hammer, we're happy to help you get years of enjoyment out of your brand new wooden sign. Installing a new sign is not as hard as it looks, and we'll talk you through every step of the process. After all, we stand by our work and want the world to see it, too! 

We've put together this simple guide to help teach you all you need to know to hang your custom wood signs, inside or out. By the end of this article, you will be showing off your Calico Carvers creation for all to see! You won't have to worry: our methods are time-tested and secure!

Keep reading and you'll be on your way to showing off your wooden signs at home!

How to Hang a Wooden Sign Indoors

Many of our most popular signs, including our kid's signs, make for great indoor decor. To get started with hanging your sign on the wall, you will need a few simple supplies.

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You'll want to gather:

  • A hammer
  • A nail
  • A wall hanger
  • A tape measure
  • A pencil

A wall hanger is also sometimes called a picture hanger, and you can find them at most hardware stores. They come in a variety of sizes, so choose the one that will support the sign you want to hang. This is the simplest and most effective way to hang a sign indoors. 

Use your pencil and tape measure to determine the ideal placement of your sign on the wall. For the most part, our customers choose to hang their sign right in the center of the wall. Measure the wall from end to end and use the pencil to make a small mark at the halfway point, right where you'd like the very top of your sign to sit. 

Next, use the tape measure to determine the distance between your hanger and the top of the sign, which is usually less than an inch. Create a mark below the one already on a wall that distance from the first mark.  The second mark is where you will carefully hammer your nail into the wall.

From there, all you need to do is hang the sign on the nail! If you measured carefully, it should be perfectly centered. You might need to adjust the position to get it to sit level. 

All that's left to do is admire your hard work! Well done! 

How to Hang a Wooden Sign Outdoors

If you want the whole world to admire your new sign, you might consider hanging it outdoors! An exterior wooden sign is a beautiful way to add character to your home and create a landmark for visitors. 

You'll need a different technique depending on whether you'll be mounting your sign directly on a building or on a dedicated signpost. Here are our best tips for getting your sign hanging quickly, wherever you want it!

Mounting on a Wall, Fence, or Object

If you wish to hang your sign directly to a building, your best bet is to predrill the corners. If you use a countersink bit, the screw heads will sit flush to your sign. From there, you can drill your sign directly into the wall or fence where you'd like it to hang! 

Mounting to a Post

Mounting a signpost is the most involved way to display your sign, but we love the look of it! If you want your sign to be free-standing in an open space, it's definitely worth the extra effort! 

When you choose your post, ensure that it's longer than you think it needs to be. Remember that you will be burying a portion of the post in the ground, and covering the top of it with the sign. The ideal height is somewhere between three and five feet, depending on the height of your plants. 

When you begin digging, ensure the hole should be three times the width of the post and about one to two feet deep. It's going to seem very big at first, but don't worry! Set the post in the hole and ensure you like the placement before you fill it in.

For a permanent signpost that can withstand the elements, fill the hole with concrete to freeze the post in place. For a less permanent sign, fill it back in with soil and rocks.

From there, predrill your holes so you can screw your sign directly to the post, just as described above. If you wish, add a decorative post-topper, and you're good to go! 

Using a Sign Hanger

You can purchase a pre-constructed signpost made from a variety of unique materials. For a free-standing signpost, all you'll need to do is hammer the stake directly into the ground. Hang your sign from the post by installing eyehooks

We also love the look of a wrought-iron sign hanger, which you can drill directly into a tree outside of your home or business! Choose a high-quality sign hanger that can survive the elements. You can hang your sign from such a hanger by installing eyehooks at the upper corners. 

Hang That Wood Sign and Show It Off

At the end of the day, your new wood sign from Calico Carvers only has one function: to delight everyone who sees it! Once you've secured your sign, it can bring you years and years of joy! The sooner you roll up your sleeves and get to work, the sooner you can stand back and admire it! 

Since you're already in decoration mode, why not pick up another one of our famous wood signs to add to your collection? They make the perfect centerpieces for wall collages, so the more the merrier! Browse our classic redwood signs to find your next favorite!

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